7 Essential Rules for Pinterest Marketing

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7 Essential Rules for Pinterest Marketing Success

7 Essential Rules for Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Social Media Marketing Tips & Essential Rules of the Game

Pinterest is a website that has become popular and extremely useful for viral marketing tactics. It is much easier to get a post to go viral on Pinterest than on any other social media network. In fact, Pinterest is created specifically to promote viral posts; unlike Twitter and Facebook, where people can and do create their own content for the site, Pinterest does nothing but point users to other sites. This means that there might be the occasional casual user who writes a blog and then pins it, but most of the people who are pinning things are actually promoting other people’s content. It is a marketer’s dream.

So how do you get your posts to work on Pinterest?

Earlier this year, we connected with another web design and marketing company (Front Street Media) to put together a list of the top 7 rules of Pinterest Marketing Rules & Essentials. Front Street Media is a well known marketing company that specializes in web design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing and much more. After meeting with Front Street Media, we came up with these rules and essentials of Pinterest.

Back in 2015, Social Media Examiner wrote a post on the complete Pinterest Marketing Guide and what we wanted to capitalize on was the top rules and essentials to follow that was left out in this guide.

1. Work with the format

Twitter has the medium of micro posts of 140 characters or less. Facebook has the medium of longer text posts that are often accompanied by a picture. Instagram has the medium of photos. Pinterest has the medium of images that link to web pages.

Working with that format, it is obvious that you need strong images that tell users why they should click on them. Pins can have text captions, but individual users can change the text captions as they share the pin. Instead, it is best to put the text or title you want to use in the image itself. Make the image stand alone as an argument for why users should click on it, and then let your followers and re-pinners add their own commentary in the caption.

2. Embrace infographics

Infographics are some of the most-pinned items on Pinterest. Pinterest is practically made for info graphics. This is a great way to get people to re-pin your post (because the post itself is interesting and helpful, and therefore valuable) and also to click through for more information. Whether you are explaining what your body does after you eat sugar or the social effects of income inequality, a well-designed infographic is almost guaranteed to go viral.

3. You can also just use your post title.

Many people like to make their pins short and sweet. Superimpose your post title over an attractive and eye catching photo and viewers will click through to see what you have to say.

This strategy works best for “how to” posts. These can take the form of personal narrative, as in “how I feed my family on $100 a week,” or they can take the form of instructions, as in “how to pay off your credit card debt in 3 months easily,” but in most cases they promise readers something they want to learn or something that will make their lives better.

4. Composite images are great

You can combine images to make a large scale post with many individual pictures in it. Recipe pins and how-to instructions often have this format. You can actually include all the steps in a recipe with pictures and text in a single pinnable image. This is a really valuable kind of pin, because it provides a lot of information and therefore is highly likely to get shared and pinned over and over again.

5. Focus on giving information, not promoting your brand

In the early days of Pinterest, companies that pinned things often pinned their own products and services, and used their pins primarily to market their own brands. Those days are practically over, since Pinterest is now using a popularity algorithm to figure out what pins to show followers. People are no longer seeing all the pins of all the people they follow; instead, the algorithm sorts through and finds the pins that they think will be most pertinent to each person.

Therefore you really can’t pin something that just promotes your brand and expect it to be re-pinned and to become popular. Instead, you need to pin content that is actually going to be interesting and helpful to your followers. Think of it from your audience’s perspective – what sort of things do they want to be reading? What can help their lives? What would they want to re-pin to their own followers?

6. Don’t just pin from your own website

It might be tempting to only post pins that lead straight back to your site. Don’t do it. Pin other things too. Repin interesting and popular pins. This will help you get more followers.

Also consider making boards for topics that are related to your business. Think about what your customers are interested in. For example, if you have a business centered on knitting, your customers might also be interested in crocheting or sewing. Adding boards devoted to those interests will bring you more customers and will make you more relevant.

7. Take advantage of the popularity algorithm

Pinterest’s popularity algorithm can really work for you. First, do a keyword search for something that is related to your topic but is fairly general. Find some pinners who have a lot of followers and follow them. When they pin something that your followers might like, make a note of it for yourself.

A couple of days later, go to the site that they pinned from and create your own pin of the same page. Pinterest will probably have already labeled this pin as being “popular” at this point. Therefore when you pin it, Pinterest will show it to all of your followers, who are therefore more likely to repin it.

Because you created a pin yourself from the site instead of repinning the other pinner’s pin, you get the credit for the pin whenever someone else repins your pin. This helps you get more followers too.

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